Emotional Wellness

Being challenged by infertility can be stressful and discouraging, negatively impacting every aspect of your life, your career and your relationship. Infertility can result in feelings of isolation, vulnerability and hopelessness that affect every aspect of your life. We are sensitive to your needs during this turbulent time, and our empathetic team of professionals will nurture you throughout the process.

We provide a broad-based matrix of supporting professionals – experienced counselors, therapists, acupuncturists, masseuses, and yoga experts – who will compassionately and wisely work their mind-body magic to foster the ideal state of relaxation for your conception.

Cancer & Fertility

Treatments utilizing chemotherapy or radiation may cause infertility; the specific effects depend on the range and gravity of the particular regimen of treatment.

To maintain your fertility options, we offer an array of options:

Embryo Freezing

In this process, mature eggs are removed during an IVF process, combined with sperm in the laboratory and the resultant embryo is stored until the cancer has been proven to be in remission.

Egg Freezing

Single women who do not wish to use donor sperm may choose to have their eggs frozen until the appropriate time when treatment is concluded.

Embryo Transfer with Donor Eggs

If a woman has diminished ovarian function after cancer treatment she may choose to combine her partner’s sperm with a donor egg, so the resulting fertilized embryo may then be implanted in the patient’s uterus.

We value your interest and we are committed to helping you throughout your experience.

Below are some helpful educational resources from a variety of medical societies and organizations.

You have the Responsibility:

  • To disclose to the best of your ability complete and accurate information pertinent to your condition, medications (including over-the-counter products and supplements), allergies or sensitivities, symptoms, and other factors which could assist in making a diagnosis and your course of treatment.
  • To promptly notify the doctor of any changes in your condition.
  • To follow, to the best of your ability, any agreed on treatment plan.
  • To provide a responsible adult to transport and remain with you for 24 hours as required for various surgeries and other treatments.
  • To clearly inform the doctor if you do not understand or agree with any part of your treatment plan.
  • To use your best efforts to keep all scheduled appointments, arrive on time, and call the office as soon as possible if it is necessary to cancel or reschedule.
  • To provide all necessary insurance information, make prompt payment on all charges for which you are responsible and take full responsibility for the financial obligations, related to your health care.
  • To be respectful and considerate of other patients, staff, and health care providers.
  • To follow the Center’s rules and regulations related to patients.
  • To ask to speak to the Patient Representative if you feel you need further assistance.